Tuesday, 31 December 2013

30 going on (20)13

Does that title make any sense?! I don't know.
What I do know is that in 2013 I turned 30! Anyone who knows me will know that I love saying, oh, it's just a number...birthdays are the best, and although I still firmly believe that, 30 was a bit different. I'd heard tales of people "turning 30 and becoming boring"..and throughout my 20s there's been a lot of "oh, just you wait, you'll get broody when you're 30", so I was more concerned than usual by this year and this age change! IT'S ALL OK THOUGH KIDS, being 30 can be AWESOME, I've not suddenly turned into a bore or started buying baby magazines, I have had lots of fun times and done things I never thought I would do. I am definitely more 30 going on 13 than I ever was the other way round. Here's a list of 13 things (in a sort of chronological order) that made this year memorable for me..
1. Formed Yiiikes! collective with Alison and Seleena, working on Art with friends is super-fun!
2. Roller Derby tattoo, I wanted one of these for a while but promised myself I had to make the A-team before I was allowed one. I first made the A-team in 2012, but got my tattoo booked in with one of my favourite tattoo artists for early 2013. Her helmet and the colours reminds me of quidditch too which I love!
3. I built a website, from scratch! I had made pages for my website in photoshop before but this year I learnt to use dreamweaver and made a whole website for the super talented Seleena!
4. Yiiikes! had our first exhibition, yeah, we mean business. We created a glowing world instillation exhibition at Islington Mill which was really fun to put together, and to see/hear people experience it.
5. I got to see the Breeders play live, I never thought I would get to see them, not only that, but they played Last Splash in its entirety, s-woooon!
6. MY KNITTING BOOK CAME OUT!!! The writing of the book mostly happened in 2012, this year was all about releasing the book to the world. It took about a month after it came out to sink in, I still have moments where the fact I wrote a book overwhelms me. The best thing about the book is hearing that people are enjoying it and seeing what people have knitted from my patterns!
7. Indietracks! We ran some awesome workshops, saw some great bands, discovered Martha, and Helen Love stole the show, but Indietracks, as always, was all about having a laugh with good friends. This was my face for most of the weekend...

 8. Another band, beginning with B, that I thought I'd never get to see..B52's, I saw them as an early birthday present, and they blew me away, SO good!

9. PARTY!!! One of the great things about turning a landmark number is having a party, for me this meant getting lots of friends together, setting up party games, putting on a spread and having a dance!


10. New York! For my birthday, I went on holiday to NYC, somewhere I have always fancied but never had a reason to go to. It was PERFECT, I got to spend some quality time with Ben, checking out the sights and discovering all the delicious food. On my birthday, my present was a trip to Coney Island where I got to be part of the freak show and pretend to be Cyndi Lauper on the wonder wheel.

11. Went to Shetland to speak at a conference in front of 3 of my knitting heroines, met Lisa Anne Auerbach..and made friends with her. I have been a fan of her work for years, she is great!

12. Became a regular Roller Derby coach. I might have done a bit last year, I can't remember, but this year I did a lot, and really enjoyed it. I was rewarded for my hard work by my team with my own stopwatch and whistle...watch out 2014, I'm gonna whip you into shape!  

13. Realised that I am, and continue to be massively inspired by the people around me, their creativity, talent, love and enthusiasm, keep it up you awesome bunch. Xxx    

Friday, 27 December 2013

Crafting for Christmas...cushion crazy!!!

Now that all the gifts have been given and opened, I can share what I was busy doing in the run up to Christmas! I have been encouraged to make presents from a young age, a swan tapestry (one of those easy wool ones) for my Grandma, a x-stitch pin cushion for my favourite teacher and always find it really rewarding so never stopped! 

I feel like I made more stuff than ever this year, and I really enjoyed it. Of course, there are a good few machine knitted things in here, but there's also some crochet and sewing, and as the title suggests, a good few cushions, here's what I made...

First, a black cat cushion for Katie customised to include the cat's name on the back, Katie's cat is called Oz, after the wizard so I styled the writing to suit the name.

I picked up this fabric a while ago, my Mum is an optician so when I saw it I knew I had to make something from this fabric for her. I decided on a set of 3 cushions for her practice (they're quick, easy and useful).

 Another machine knit cushion, this for Ben, based on Heisenberg from Breaking Bad. This is knitted using bamboo yarn, I've never machine knitted with it before so it didn't come out exactly how I expected but Ben was very happy with it! I chose blue for the blue meth that Heisenberg is known for cooking!

Log(cushion)s from my twin peaks collection, one for Seleena and one for Alison, I didn't do anything special with these because the fabric is already knitted, just made one a bit shorter.

For this cushion I chose crochet. I found a super chunky alpaca yarn in my sister's favourite colour so had to make her something from it. I crocheted this large square, which used all the yarn in the ball. I found the perfect cushion to attach it to in Wilko's and carefully stitched it on.

What...these aren't cushions! Yeah, I did make a few things that weren't cushions. These are sew-on patches that I made from a t-shirt I bought this summer. The t-shirt was covered with drawings of awesome women, and rather than keeping them all to myself, I made each woman into an individual patch, these are 3 that I kept, I forgot to photograph the ones I gave to people.
Last but not least, I made a jumper for Seleena. She already has a lot of cushions...a few of them are from me, but I never gave her an Elvira cushion, so I decided to put the design on a jumper instead! I had to enlarge the design a bit, mostly just added extra lines around her head, then work out how big the other pieces of the jumper needed to be and knitted them too. I used glow in the dark yarn on this jumper too for an extra special touch!

Friday, 20 December 2013

Kraft Korner - becoming a magazine contributor!

I love getting post, and this week I got some of the best post, two issues of Inside Line magazine with my craft projects in them! But why am I writing for this magazine? What is Inside Line? Well, here's some answers.

I have been co-writing Sugar Paper zine with the awesome talented Seleena Daye for over 5 years now, Sugar Paper is a craft zine with 20 things to make and do in every issue! It was last year when I was thinking about how Roller Derby started and it's D.I.Y roots that I decided to make my own Roller Derby zine.

 I really enjoyed putting the zine together, there is such a huge extended community within Roller Derby and I got a few great contributors for this issue. It featured interviews, exercise tips, recipes, tales of how Roller Derby changed lives and of course crafts!

Being known for being crafty, I was invited to run a workshop at Jason Ruffel's excellent exhibition of Roller Derby photography, and that's where I met Jessica Ali (aka Jessica Rammit), the brains behind (founder and Editor of) Inside Line magazine. I gave her a copy of my zine for something to keep her entertained on the journey home, the rest is herstory, ha. This is a lesson to anyone who is a bit shy with their work, you need to get it out there. If I hadn't given Jessica a zine, I would never have ended up writing for her magazine.  

Inside Line, if you hadn't guessed by now, is a Roller Derby magazine, founded by Jessica in 2010, it's now on it's 10th issue and having had a makeover on it's 9th issue, it now not only has excellent content spanning Roller Derby worldwide, articles on Men's and Junior derby, crafts, nutrition and more...it also looks great!

Here are the covers of issues 9 and 10 

   And these are my 2 craft projects that have been featured so far, the first shows you how to make your own toe guards, complete with a template for you to use. The second is all about keeping your kit fresh and takes you through making some stink savers using cat litter!

When I started Roller Derby in 2010, I said "I'll just go and skate, I'm not really bothered about the social side of it or doing it seriously"...how wrong was I?! I soon realised I liked the skating way too much to just go and skate, I wanted to learn, get good at it, skate more, and get to know these people who were teaching us and those who I was learning with. I really like being  a part of the Roller Derby community, and being involved in a project like Inside Line magazine reminds me why I love it all over again!

The passion from Jessica and from each contributor to this magazine is alive on the pages as you read it, everyone who puts work into this magazine does it for the love of it, and because of that, it reads like a zine, but it looks and feels like a high quality magazine, which it is! If you haven't read it, what are you waiting for, go get a copy, or if you're already into Roller Derby, you might as well get a subscription because you'll love it.

Now it's time for me to start thinking of my next Roller Derby craft project, oh, and to finish issue 2 of my 'zine!


Monday, 2 December 2013

Welcome to Twin Peaks!

The time has finally come, to reveal what I've been working on. It's a small, LIMITED EDITION collection inspired by Twin Peaks...

 I have really enjoyed working on this collection, taking direct inspiration from the TV series and designing knits based on some of my favourite bits.

I used a different machine to knit the log and the twin peaks, here is an insight into the process I used.  

This is a screen shot of the twin peaks design on the shima computer, quite like this colourway!
Before we could knit anything, the circuit board?! (I don't know about electronics, I just know this was playing up) wanted some attention, there was a loose connection or something, I took the opportunity to get a snap of all that clever electronic stuff that makes the machine go!
Here is the machine itself, knitting out a few fronts for the twin peaks cushions, clever thing! I used my Passap E6000 machine at home to knit the patterned fabric for the back of these cushions, here are the 2 pieces together before they were united.
I am really pleased with how this, and the log below turned out. The log lady is such an important character in Twin Peaks and of course, one of my favourites, I couldn't do this collection and not make a log!

One of the first ideas I had when designing this collection was the 'red room' scarf, it took a few trials and some alterations but I got there in the end and am really happy with this representation of the 'red room' in this scarf 

If you are familiar with my work you might have noticed another difference...the photographs! I spend so much time and effort on developing the products, I thought it would be good to get some decent photos for once. I roped in a talented pal of mine, Jason Ruffell who is known for his Roller Derby photography and he did a great job.    
There's a piece dedicated to Agent Dale Cooper in the collection, and one to Audrey Horne of course, as well as the owls! Click HERE to browse the collection on my shop.

Monday, 30 September 2013

Blankets - a patchwork of error!

For my 30th birthday, my Mum crocheted a lovely blanket for me that now sits in pride of place on my sofa. Today, I moved one of the fleece blankets off the sofa, because with the addition of beautiful crochet blanket, we no longer need 2 fleece blankets out!

It was when I went to put this fleece blanket away in the 'board games and blankets' chest I realised, there are a few more blankets in there that haven't seen the light of day for a while.

These blankets are made up of all the knitting that doesn't quite make it to being a full scarf/cushion/jumper. These are usually pieces that have gone wrong due to machine/human/combination of both error, and I cannot stand to see them go to waste, so I collect them up and patchwork them together.

Here they are taking over the dining room...

From this it seems that the anchor, tape-measure and crayon scarves are the most prone to not getting to the end!

My favourite bit of these blankets is here, where I had 2 of the same cat cushion that had come off the machine in almost the same place so I made a mirror cat.

The story of the rest of the blanket that the mirror cat lives in is not so fun. It's made up of pieces that were destined for an exhibition, but never made it.

Because all my knits are made from lambswool, they need finishing after knitting, which means washing. For the sake of continuity, and speed, I use the washing machine. There is a quick cold wash cycle on my machine that works a treat.....most of the time! 

Apart from the time when the machine decided to HOT wash my knits and yes, you know what's coming SHRINK them. To this day I don't know what happened, the settings were the same as always but when I went to fetch the knits, the washing machine window  was steamy and the knits warm!!! You can see from the fuzzy texture they've gone from washed to felted...

There was no time to grieve the shrunken knits, I had to dry my eyes and jump straight back on the knitting machine. When I finally got round to putting this blanket together, I could appreciate that without that disaster I wouldn't have a lovely and warm knitted reminder of my first solo exhibition. I love finding/making positives around situations like this.

Although I haven't seen these blankets for a while (I'm sure they will all come creeping back out the chest when the weather is colder) I am really glad I kept all these bits and made them. They are a physical record of the designs and mistakes I have made over the years and act like a diary of my knitting. There are pieces from the witchcraft collection waiting patiently to be patch-worked together, I'll pop a photo up when it's done.


Monday, 5 August 2013

Jumping off a high dive board with my knitting hero - my adventures in Shetland!

If you have been following me for a while, you'll know I went up to Shetland in 2010 for the 'In the loop 2' knitting conference when I had my eyes opened to the wide world of knitting....and met Lucius Malfoy (Jason Issacs).

This time, I knew what to expect from the island a bit more, beautiful scenery, infrequent bus services, lovely people, lots of knitting! And I spoke at the conference, which was 'In the loop 3.5', and this was to be in front of 2 of my favourite knit based artists of all time Freddie Robins and Lisa Anne Auerbach as they were both speaking at the conference too, eeeek. I met Freddie last year at 2 different conferences, we actually have a lot in common and I spent a lot of time with her on this trip.   

Wednesday, I flew up to Aberdeen then on to Sumburgh, I didn't bother going to bed due to early flight, so the conference part of Wednesday was mostly a blur. I plucked up the courage to speak to Lisa Anne, hired a bike, got lost on the way to buy food, found food and settled in to my apartment.

Thursday was a full day of conference talks, followed by participating in a huge knitting circle made up of 83 people, a project about the owning and passing of time.  


There was a highly recommended chippy near the castle, so we headed there for tea. Me and Lisa just had chips, the others had chips with deep fried Haggis...when in Scotland, right! This was odd, somehow I had ended up eating chippy with not 1 but 3 people whose practice I look up to. We were all due to talk on Friday, I had to cycle back and it was raining so I set off up the hill.

Friday was the last day of the conference and the day I was speaking. Freddie also spoke, in the afternoon, this is one of her slides showing one of my favourite pieces of her work.

Lisa spoke about her most recent project based on the honsestrik knitting style, which was amazing, but I plan on writing a blog purely about that so won't go into it now. I do have a photo of me and Lisa posing though...

Lisa had been telling us about the amazing swimming pool in Lerwick with slides, rapids and diving boards all week, but we didn't have swimsuits. Luckily for us Lerwick has some well stocked charity shops and Freddie and I both got a cheap swimming costume that fitted! So, after the conference, we headed out to the pool and I was not disappointed. There were 2 water slides, a rapids with rings to sit in and diving boards. I sat in a foam ring getting whirled round with Freddie, followed by jumping off the 3m diving board with Lisa, it was a surreal and super-fun experience. It seems that Shetland exists to surprise me, last time Lucius...now this! My knitting heroes are real, lovely people and we have a lot in common.

Saturday I moved to a B&B for the last night of my stay and went on a fantastic walk around the 'ness of sound'
I then went to Mereel where there was an event for Shetland makers to show their work, I met a lot of lovely people with great work but the work of Ella Gordon was right up my street. here she is (on the right) with her work and amazing dress!

We ended up looking round people's work and chatting all afternoon, just time for a cheeky one (which complimented my new yellow jumper nicely) before Freddie and I headed over to the restaurant where her friend Lorna works to be made a super-tasty specially invented Vegan meal.

Sunday was the last day, and I had to leave for the airport at 12.30 but we managed to shop and see some sights of the fairisle festival before heading home.

Jamieson's - our favourite wool shop, sporting knits from the very same shop!

All the fairisle at the festival,it doesn't get much more Shetland traditional than this!

Final goodbye to and celebration of Shetland with some snaps of my new Shetland made knitwear on their amazing white sand beaches!



Monday, 22 July 2013

Look out Indietracks...here we come!!!

It's SUMMER...that means festival season! I'm not a fan of your average 'giant field full of mud and portaloos' festival, but, a few years ago, I discovered a festival that I do like, Indietracks!

I first went with Seleena in 2010 when we took Sugar Paper to Indietracks and ran a 20 things to make and do workshop. We camped at the nearby campsite, checked out the railway museum, ate lots of super noodles, rode the free mini steam train...oh, and saw some ace bands!

We had a break in 2011, but went again last year (mostly because we wanted to see Go Sailor! who were amazing) when we ran a 'Postcards from Indietracks' workshop, and wimped out of camping due to flood warnings!!!

This year we're back, this time Seleena is running a Radical Cheerleading workshop on Saturday, and I'm doing a pom-pom pets one on the Sunday.


I love knitting(obviously), but I love all sorts of other crafts too. Making these pom-pom pets was fun, the tiger is my favourite.

So, if you're going to Indietracks you should come down, do some cheering and make some pets. Also, our pals Amy and Melanie are running a felting workshop which will be ace!
Kandy x

Monday, 8 July 2013

Hand Knit Pattern Book....OUT NOW!!!

My last blog brought the news that I have written a book, now it's here and you can buy it, hooray!

Turning the 20 products into hand knit patterns was really good fun. I also designed a few new products specifically for this book, a paintbrush tie and small bow brooch. 

Here's a selection of pages from the book, a sneak peek just for you, sorry its a bit small, you can see it bigger on my website...

If you like the look of that, you can buy it directly from my online shop and get an exclusive bonus pattern!

Kandy xxx

Friday, 7 June 2013

Knit and Destroy....gets handy!!!

Dust off your knitting needles and reach for the wool, I've written a book of knitting patterns!!!

I have been working on this project for just over a year and have been itching to tell the world for a while now. I have turned 20 of my favourite designs into hand knit patterns so that you guys can knit them yourselves. There are patterns for everyone from beginners to advanced with a wide range of knitted goodies for you to make! 

The book will be released in July and will be available from my online shop....and it might even come with a bonus extra special something when purchased directly from me!!! Watch this space...


Saturday, 30 March 2013

Techno - tastic

Hi there

   So, since my last post, I have mostly been doing secret things, or techno things. I have two quite different projects on the go, both still under wraps, and both really exciting....all will be revealed in April!

That leaves the techno things...I am by no means a techno whizz, I know the bare minimum of what I need to in order to make things appear on the internet. Until last year my partner did all the website making side of things, but I figured, he taught himself how to do it, so can I. So, a few patient hours and many cups of tea later, I knew enough to build my super talented friend Seleena Daye's website

As I was making the very simple pages in photoshop and drawing blue boxes round things in dreamweaver I was daydreaming about my own website and what I could do with that now I know the tricks.

I finally got round to making some small changes to my website this month, mostly just adding an 'exhibitions' section to showcase the things I've made for exhibitions...

The other techno thing I did was to update my big cartel shop too, that was fun, it had looked the same for so many years.

I am planning an overhaul of my website to make it more inclusive of the other things I knit alongside the products for Knit and Destroy, it will happen this year so watch this space. Also, if you think you might want to make a simple website or an online shop, just have a go, there isn't that much to it! 

Thursday, 3 January 2013

A Crafty Christmas!

Being a crafty kinda gal, I love handmade gifts, every christmas I wish I had time to make more but usually just do a few for my nearest and dearest.

This year, my making and doing was completely outshone by all the handmade gifts I recieved.

A fancy pin cushion and bag from my Mum

Fairy lights with shades made from coke cans from Tamsin 

An amazing notebook made to look like my favourite book prop from the Harry Potter studio tour...

..A super rag-rug that will be keeping my feet toasty and cozy in my studio...
...And a roller skating themed bookmark and cross stitch patch, all from the super-crafty Seleena

 A beautiful collection of drawings related to our late cat Sirius from Ben.


Now....I'd better start making gifts for next Christmas if I'm going to be exchanging gifts with this talented lot again!