Monday, 2 December 2013

Welcome to Twin Peaks!

The time has finally come, to reveal what I've been working on. It's a small, LIMITED EDITION collection inspired by Twin Peaks...

 I have really enjoyed working on this collection, taking direct inspiration from the TV series and designing knits based on some of my favourite bits.

I used a different machine to knit the log and the twin peaks, here is an insight into the process I used.  

This is a screen shot of the twin peaks design on the shima computer, quite like this colourway!
Before we could knit anything, the circuit board?! (I don't know about electronics, I just know this was playing up) wanted some attention, there was a loose connection or something, I took the opportunity to get a snap of all that clever electronic stuff that makes the machine go!
Here is the machine itself, knitting out a few fronts for the twin peaks cushions, clever thing! I used my Passap E6000 machine at home to knit the patterned fabric for the back of these cushions, here are the 2 pieces together before they were united.
I am really pleased with how this, and the log below turned out. The log lady is such an important character in Twin Peaks and of course, one of my favourites, I couldn't do this collection and not make a log!

One of the first ideas I had when designing this collection was the 'red room' scarf, it took a few trials and some alterations but I got there in the end and am really happy with this representation of the 'red room' in this scarf 

If you are familiar with my work you might have noticed another difference...the photographs! I spend so much time and effort on developing the products, I thought it would be good to get some decent photos for once. I roped in a talented pal of mine, Jason Ruffell who is known for his Roller Derby photography and he did a great job.    
There's a piece dedicated to Agent Dale Cooper in the collection, and one to Audrey Horne of course, as well as the owls! Click HERE to browse the collection on my shop.

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