Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Yorkshire Sculpture Park...

The Yorkshire Sculpture Park is a lovely place for a day out, there's so much to see and beautiful grounds to just have a walk around in if you've looked at art for a bit too long! I went last week and despite the pouring rain and gale force winds had a lovely time as always...

There were some good exhibitions on but the things that caught my eye were in the gift shop, typical I know but it just re-inforces my theory that 'the gift shop is a major highlight of any day-trip' .

The first things that I gravitated towards were these lovely framed heads by Victoria Whincup, a mixture of cute girl and deer... drwaing and textiles...I'm instantly in love!

Click the photo to see more of Victoria's work in her shop!

Wandering aimlessly round the shop, past the mounds of Rob Ryan stuff, some yellow and pink caught my eye...upon closer inspection it's a beautifully detailed image with mushrooms, woodland and a fantastic creature. I instantly thought 'wonderland' and picked it up, the image is by NY based illustrator and artist Aya Kakeda. She not only draws but also does some really sweet work with a needle and thread, click the picture to check out her website.

Hope you like these ladies' work as much as I do, if you get a chance to go to YSP I highly recoomend it...but you might want to wait 'til October as there will be an exhibiton by Manchester based artist Rachel Goodyear whose work is amazing and like nothing else out there!

Saturday, 28 May 2011

Kitten...Karavaning...Krafting...not so much Knitting!!!

Things I've been up to while I've not been doing any blogging..

KRAFTING...we finished another amaazing (I know, I would say that, but it is a particularly excellent issue) issue of the craftastic Sugar Paper Zine. There's lots of summery-type things to make and do including making cordial, sewing yourself a pair of shorts and 'fun with trees'...

Click the cover (pained by our artist pal Alison Forde) to go to the Sugar Paper shop where you can buy it!!!

KARAVANING...it was my best pal's birthday at the beginning of May and we thought it would be good to get all our best pals together and go away somewhere to celebrate! We settled on Wales and after much searching and failing to find a holiday cottage that would take a group...I stumbled upon a caravan park which turned out to be a real gem. From this idyllic woodland setting we ventured on a steam train to the Beautiful Portmeirion.

KITTEN...on my return from this weekend away, our friends brought round a beautiful 8 week old black kitten, now known as Sirius Black. Anyone who has ever had a kitten can appreciate how very difficult it is to do anything with such a cute, cheeky new friend in the house!

He is now curled up asleep on my lap allowing me to write this fantastically delayed blog post!