Saturday, 30 March 2013

Techno - tastic

Hi there

   So, since my last post, I have mostly been doing secret things, or techno things. I have two quite different projects on the go, both still under wraps, and both really exciting....all will be revealed in April!

That leaves the techno things...I am by no means a techno whizz, I know the bare minimum of what I need to in order to make things appear on the internet. Until last year my partner did all the website making side of things, but I figured, he taught himself how to do it, so can I. So, a few patient hours and many cups of tea later, I knew enough to build my super talented friend Seleena Daye's website

As I was making the very simple pages in photoshop and drawing blue boxes round things in dreamweaver I was daydreaming about my own website and what I could do with that now I know the tricks.

I finally got round to making some small changes to my website this month, mostly just adding an 'exhibitions' section to showcase the things I've made for exhibitions...

The other techno thing I did was to update my big cartel shop too, that was fun, it had looked the same for so many years.

I am planning an overhaul of my website to make it more inclusive of the other things I knit alongside the products for Knit and Destroy, it will happen this year so watch this space. Also, if you think you might want to make a simple website or an online shop, just have a go, there isn't that much to it! 

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