Friday, 20 December 2013

Kraft Korner - becoming a magazine contributor!

I love getting post, and this week I got some of the best post, two issues of Inside Line magazine with my craft projects in them! But why am I writing for this magazine? What is Inside Line? Well, here's some answers.

I have been co-writing Sugar Paper zine with the awesome talented Seleena Daye for over 5 years now, Sugar Paper is a craft zine with 20 things to make and do in every issue! It was last year when I was thinking about how Roller Derby started and it's D.I.Y roots that I decided to make my own Roller Derby zine.

 I really enjoyed putting the zine together, there is such a huge extended community within Roller Derby and I got a few great contributors for this issue. It featured interviews, exercise tips, recipes, tales of how Roller Derby changed lives and of course crafts!

Being known for being crafty, I was invited to run a workshop at Jason Ruffel's excellent exhibition of Roller Derby photography, and that's where I met Jessica Ali (aka Jessica Rammit), the brains behind (founder and Editor of) Inside Line magazine. I gave her a copy of my zine for something to keep her entertained on the journey home, the rest is herstory, ha. This is a lesson to anyone who is a bit shy with their work, you need to get it out there. If I hadn't given Jessica a zine, I would never have ended up writing for her magazine.  

Inside Line, if you hadn't guessed by now, is a Roller Derby magazine, founded by Jessica in 2010, it's now on it's 10th issue and having had a makeover on it's 9th issue, it now not only has excellent content spanning Roller Derby worldwide, articles on Men's and Junior derby, crafts, nutrition and also looks great!

Here are the covers of issues 9 and 10 

   And these are my 2 craft projects that have been featured so far, the first shows you how to make your own toe guards, complete with a template for you to use. The second is all about keeping your kit fresh and takes you through making some stink savers using cat litter!

When I started Roller Derby in 2010, I said "I'll just go and skate, I'm not really bothered about the social side of it or doing it seriously" wrong was I?! I soon realised I liked the skating way too much to just go and skate, I wanted to learn, get good at it, skate more, and get to know these people who were teaching us and those who I was learning with. I really like being  a part of the Roller Derby community, and being involved in a project like Inside Line magazine reminds me why I love it all over again!

The passion from Jessica and from each contributor to this magazine is alive on the pages as you read it, everyone who puts work into this magazine does it for the love of it, and because of that, it reads like a zine, but it looks and feels like a high quality magazine, which it is! If you haven't read it, what are you waiting for, go get a copy, or if you're already into Roller Derby, you might as well get a subscription because you'll love it.

Now it's time for me to start thinking of my next Roller Derby craft project, oh, and to finish issue 2 of my 'zine!


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