Thursday, 21 April 2016

The big move....

This year will mark 10 years of knit and destroy (i know right, where did that go)! And up until this year, I have run everything to do with this from my house. 

I have often thought about having a studio elsewhere, daydreamed about what I could do with a space that wasn't inside my house but never even looked into it until late last year when I bumped into a friend who used to run a craft fair that I sold at and now runs her screen-printed textiles business full-time! Seeing what she was doing with her practice made me think about the possibilities for my own work and what I could do if I took that brave step outside my house...

So why...what was wrong with that room in my house? Mostly that I really wanted to run workshops but couldn't do that from my spare bedroom studio, also, I like to change things up sometimes and felt like a new working environment would be good for me.

A few weeks after I moved into the studio, the opportunity to apply for a microgrant from Yorkshire Artspace (the organisation who run the studios I am in) came up. It was also linked with the Sheffield year of making which was perfect, I'm all about the making! 


Fast forward a month, and I have been awarded one of the micogrants, yay! This not only means that I will be able to get machine knitting workshops up and running this summer, but it also makes me feel moving to the studios was the right decision. 

Watch this space for updates on workshops and general studio shenanigans!