Thursday, 3 January 2013

A Crafty Christmas!

Being a crafty kinda gal, I love handmade gifts, every christmas I wish I had time to make more but usually just do a few for my nearest and dearest.

This year, my making and doing was completely outshone by all the handmade gifts I recieved.

A fancy pin cushion and bag from my Mum

Fairy lights with shades made from coke cans from Tamsin 

An amazing notebook made to look like my favourite book prop from the Harry Potter studio tour...

..A super rag-rug that will be keeping my feet toasty and cozy in my studio...
...And a roller skating themed bookmark and cross stitch patch, all from the super-crafty Seleena

 A beautiful collection of drawings related to our late cat Sirius from Ben.


Now....I'd better start making gifts for next Christmas if I'm going to be exchanging gifts with this talented lot again!

The Christmas Craftacular....

You might have noticed, I haven't been doing as many craft fairs as I used to...there are a few reasons for this, but it's all a bit boring!

All you need to know is that last year, I made it down to the London BUST Christmas Craftacular, saw a lot of familiar faces, and some new faces which is always good! Here is what a Knit and Destroy stall looks like these days...


I forgot how good these days can be, and this one was great. Seeing people's reactions to my products face to face is always fun, they are varied but there is usually a lot of smiling, and if you know me, you'll know I like nothing more than making people smile...and if I can..make them laugh. There was a lot of smiling and chatting and a fair bit of having a laff with complete strangers.

I will be doing a few fairs in 2013 and will keep you posted, so keep checking back,I might well come to a city near you