Friday, 27 December 2013

Crafting for Christmas...cushion crazy!!!

Now that all the gifts have been given and opened, I can share what I was busy doing in the run up to Christmas! I have been encouraged to make presents from a young age, a swan tapestry (one of those easy wool ones) for my Grandma, a x-stitch pin cushion for my favourite teacher and always find it really rewarding so never stopped! 

I feel like I made more stuff than ever this year, and I really enjoyed it. Of course, there are a good few machine knitted things in here, but there's also some crochet and sewing, and as the title suggests, a good few cushions, here's what I made...

First, a black cat cushion for Katie customised to include the cat's name on the back, Katie's cat is called Oz, after the wizard so I styled the writing to suit the name.

I picked up this fabric a while ago, my Mum is an optician so when I saw it I knew I had to make something from this fabric for her. I decided on a set of 3 cushions for her practice (they're quick, easy and useful).

 Another machine knit cushion, this for Ben, based on Heisenberg from Breaking Bad. This is knitted using bamboo yarn, I've never machine knitted with it before so it didn't come out exactly how I expected but Ben was very happy with it! I chose blue for the blue meth that Heisenberg is known for cooking!

Log(cushion)s from my twin peaks collection, one for Seleena and one for Alison, I didn't do anything special with these because the fabric is already knitted, just made one a bit shorter.

For this cushion I chose crochet. I found a super chunky alpaca yarn in my sister's favourite colour so had to make her something from it. I crocheted this large square, which used all the yarn in the ball. I found the perfect cushion to attach it to in Wilko's and carefully stitched it on.

What...these aren't cushions! Yeah, I did make a few things that weren't cushions. These are sew-on patches that I made from a t-shirt I bought this summer. The t-shirt was covered with drawings of awesome women, and rather than keeping them all to myself, I made each woman into an individual patch, these are 3 that I kept, I forgot to photograph the ones I gave to people.
Last but not least, I made a jumper for Seleena. She already has a lot of cushions...a few of them are from me, but I never gave her an Elvira cushion, so I decided to put the design on a jumper instead! I had to enlarge the design a bit, mostly just added extra lines around her head, then work out how big the other pieces of the jumper needed to be and knitted them too. I used glow in the dark yarn on this jumper too for an extra special touch!

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