Friday, 9 May 2014

Exhibition excitement!!!

My first solo exhibition of art works opened on Friday 25th April at Prick your finger in London. Work was inspired by the use of knitting needles as weapons in film as well as original 3D movies.  

Here I am in the window hanging the second of three knitted movie posters.

We had a fantastic day at Prick Your Finger hanging the work and getting ready for the preview, it's such a great shop it was hard not to get distracted by all the yarns and knitted delights, the disco ball was my favourite feature!

When the work was all hung, I set out my zines, popcorn and 3D glasses ready for the preview...

The shop soon filled up with people coming to check out my knits and everyone seemed to have fun viewing the posters through the 3D glasses as well as enjoying the other pieces. 

This large piece, entitled 'spliced' runs from the back of the shop through to the 'long gallery' space, these pieces show a scene from 'The Crazies', they are embroidered and connected by yarns...

All the other pieces are in the window space shown below, with the 'idle hands' poster facing the street. If you would like to see it all for yourself and see the posters in glorious 3D, make your way down to Prick Your Finger before 12th June.

Kandy x