Sunday, 21 March 2010

I think I'm turning....

....Japanese!!! Last weekend saw lots of making. We did Mothers' day on Saturday so that was spent with Mother and siblings crafting. We needed to do something that my teenage brother would hang around for, he suggested origami, and here's what we made...I really like the little boat, that's the pink thing the bunny is in, we made 2 but my bro decided to see if his would float, it did for about 10 seconds then got water-logged and sank.
I liked the rabbits so much I wanted to make more animals so had a go at the elephant, it's not quite right but I think it resembles an elephant, right?!
Continuing the Japanese theme, on Sunday I decided to make vegetarian sushi with cucumber, asparagus and avocado.
These maki were rolled using baking parchment because the supermarket, (despite being the size of a ferry) has no Japanese section, so no rolling mat for me! But they did have cheap rice crackers so I put these out as an accompaniment along with my attempt at an asparagus and mushroom dish we get at our favourite Japanese restaurant.

And it was all really tasty, any more veggie sudhi filling suggestions are more than welcome! Now time for me to go and find a good lemon cheesecake recipe, again, if you have one, let me know. In other (related) news, one of my students was talking about how he had made a really nice cheesecake, this presence of culinary skill and enthusiasm among 1st year University students is reassuring...they're not ALL living off rustler burgers, phew! The best bit was when his friend asked which cookbook he got it from and he said..'oh, it's off me mam, one of her recipes'!

Kandy x


that kate said...

Some impressive origami there!! This is a cheesecake recipe i always use and it has never failed to impress! It is plain vanilla though, no lemon im not sure if this helps!

Knit and Destroy said...

Thank you! The end of the link was cut off, but I found a lemony cheesecake recipe on the internet, just made it, v.tasty mix, now all it needs to do id set! x