Wednesday, 10 March 2010

What I'm up to...

Hi there,
As you can see from my letter...the website is having a little makeover at the moment! Today I have designed (and am halfway through making) a new cushion as part of my 'new stuff' , I also took some photos of things I am excited about. Firstly my new yarns... and my lovely knitting bag complete with kittens! I am excited about these yarns because

a) they're natural not Acrylic

b) they're a bit finer than the other yarn so easier to knit with

c) the colours are lovely

The next thing I am excited about is my sewing corner. I had a move round of my 'Studio' in January and decided I would like to be able to sit by my window when I'm sewing. One 'toy box' type chest, 3 large cushions and a rather 70s bedspread (re-worked into curtains and cushion covers) later and I have a lovely window seat.

In the foreground is the sewing table with my overlocker and sewing machine on! I really like my little sewing corner, it helps that the 'window seat' is also storage for some of my vast amount of STUFF! The best thing of all is that I get to look out the window...

Knitted tree inside the window, real tree outside the window! That's all for today, I am going to finish off my products and take some more photos now.



Alicia said...

Where did you get that knitting bag? I am dying for it!

Anonymous said...

your blog is lovely :) some great ideas!! Please Please PLEASE could you tell me where u got your knitting bag! ive been looking for that exact one EVERYWHERE!!? xxxx