Monday, 6 July 2009

Middlesborough...(up north)

Well, what a weekend that was, let's start with the trip up North.
After a very early start we got to Middlesborough with time to spare, so we stopped off at a tiny roadside cafe called 'Lynne's pantry' for a cuppa and home made scone before arriving at the town hall crypt for a fun filled market day!

Mr foxy having a sleep curled around the tree there in the very green 'nature' section of the stall!
And here's the 'crafty' corner with knitted paintbrush and pencil brooches as well as Sugar Paper zine and other crafty bits!
There were plenty of lovely things on offer to buy at the designers marketplace, my favourite were 'showpony' who had come down from Glasgow, they had a range of screen-printed goodies, my favourite was this tea towel.

It all wound up at about 4 so we packed up and headed home. Feeling sleepy on the drive home, we stopped at Wetherby services, a coffee and biscuit later we returned to the car feeling refreshed and ready to go. Unfortunatly Wanda (my car) wasn't feeling the same, she just didn't want to start! She wouldn't even get going when a friendly passer-by tried shaking her then pushing her round the car park, eeeeek, time to call the breakdown people and start panicking about getting to Hogwarts tomorrow! Fortunately, a breakdown dude came and fixed Wanda up with a shiny new battery, that was all she needed! It was a long and eventful day, but we had fun and taught a very enthusiastic lady what a 'zine' I'm happy!

More soon, Kandy x

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