Saturday, 18 July 2009

Candy Floss rules!!!

And I don't just mean the edible type of Candy Floss cos that does rule, I mean the amaaazing craft fair hosted by the Sheffield based craft group 'Craft Candy'. The market was on today at the millenium galleries in Sheffield, the best craft market venue I have ever been to. Here is how the day went down... After a slightly rushed start to the day, I arrived on time and set up the stall, woo! Me, at my stall, all happy cos I was having a lovely day involving 2 proper screeching twilight conversations, one with real life swooning teenage girls (one had a necklace with a mini bottle with a piece of paper that said twilight on it)!!!
These are some animal illustrations by Katy Holmes (no, not the one married to that Tom Cruise), they all had sleepy looking eyes and were v.cute.
This stall was pretty and the lady looked like she should be in dee-lite, Amaaaazing.
This was the stall next to me, this lady had made a book about how to make resin jewellery, and she gives money to Greyhounds, ACE!
And this is the things I bought, mmmmm, stuff! Pictures from Katy Holmes, Knitting bag from plain jane textiles and badges from Ms Moll and Lola pop
The next craft candy fair isn't due until November but if today is anything to go by it'll be a good 'un.
Kandy x

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