Thursday, 30 July 2009


Ciao Bonjourno Gelato,
Knit and Destroy have been on our hols, thought i would share a bit of Sardinia with y'all, here goes...
Home for the week!
Second home for the week, under that shade brolly! There or in the sea. It was so hot, max 38 degrees.
Ye olde clock we made on the beach, I think it was about half an hour out, not bad!

Now this made me excited, a snack and a drink in one. Nutella snack n drink, if you like choc dips and iced tea you'll love this,YUM!
Local speciality bread, yep, getting all cultured trying the local food, but we're not forgetting our roots - see wilkos bag in the background!

This is what the sun looks like in Sardinia, cos it's so hot like. I had far too much fun with these biscuits.

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