Tuesday, 13 November 2012

All systems GO!!!

Winter is the busiest time of year here at Knit and Destroy HQ, at the moment I am making stock for craft fairs and thought you might like to see how it works...

Everything here is made from lambswool yarn, here is part of my store,

Step 1...choose the yarn...

Step 2 - thread up the machine and knit...this is the body of a friendly foxxx fur scarf being knitted, you can see there are 2 cones of yarn, this is because I use double thickness in this product for an extra warm scarf!
Step 3: Sewing up; in this photo you can see the fox scaves are all in bits, these need sewing together before they are washed, also, the other knits need the ends sewing in so they don't all snag on each other and get tangled in the wash!
That is as far as I've got this week, check back next week for the following stages! 

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