Monday, 13 August 2012

MANIC Monday....

For a whole year, I worked full time! I know this is totally normal for a lot of people, but it meant a completely different routine and a big step back from Knit and Destroy for the whole year, which was hard.

Living in chesterfield and travelling to Manchester for work (plus roller derby 1-2 evenings a week) meant very little time at home. I'm not the tidiest person at the best of times, but when I'm only swinging by home in the week, eating, sleeping and having a bit of sofa time was SO much more important than tidying! The feeling of leaving the house on a Monday morning with barely more organisation than there was at the end of the previous week wasn't good.

The year went quickly and I got to do things at work that I wouldn't have being part time, and now, finally, I have my Mondays back! My studio is almost back to an acceptable workspace, and I have been spending my time at home working on my still secret (sorry) Knit and Destroy project. I feel extremely lucky to have my Mondays and Tuesdays back, and have lots of making that I can't wait to get my teeth into! Also, I now have time to do such things as organise my coloured knitting needles... 

...and putting my 2 roller derby triumphs on the wall. 

It might seem a bit showy or like 'something parents might do for their kids', but pre-roller derby I was NEVER the person who got the award for anything so I'm super-proud of them!

I think what I am saying is....I'm happy that my Mondays are no longer Manic.

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