Thursday, 19 July 2012


In my office, the wall behind me is decorated with postcards, I was just adding to it with a postcard from my recent holiday, when the cat-lady postcard caught my attention. I realised that I had bought the postcard (can't remember when/where) stuck it up and not looked up the artist, so, because it's lunchtime o'clock, I thought I would use the powers of Google to find out more...

The artist in question is a Photographer, her name is Wanda Wulz, this is the postcard I have which seems to be one of her best known pieces.

There isn't much information about Wanda out there, apart from that she had a sister called Marion and was part of the Futurist movement in the 1930s. That'll do for me though, i'm not really into finding out loads of information because I won't remember it anyway, it's the pictures I'm interested in...and I particulary like these two.

I thought I should share this one too, although it isn't one of Wanda's photos, it was taken by her father Carlo. I love the outfit here and the photograph has a playful feel that exists in Wanda's photographs. 

Hope you have enjoyed loking at the photos, and maybe even got a little inspired from them?! I know I have.


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