Wednesday, 2 February 2011

....because I haven't got a cat....

...I make lots of cat related things to fill that furry cat shaped hole in my life. This week has been very cat-centred with a big order for 'smoky' cushions' from Made in the Shade in Glasgow. I took them all downstairs to pack them, and look what they got up to when my back was turned....only a cat pyramid!!!

And I think they might just have been egged on by that cheeky masked cat atop the pyramid, she is a new cat on the block and there will be more about her soon, for now, the tale of Smoky...

Smoky is a friendly boy cat, one of those cats that always seems to be outside.

He belonged to our nextdoor neighbours at my old house and I think he spent more time roaming the back yards and basking on our flat bathroom roof than anywhere else, he just couldn't resist that warm sunny spot.

I would feed him (he was skinny) and we used to give him catnip for a treat and he loved it! This is what his face looked like when basking in that particular place....smoky the contented cat.

More tales of knitting (and possibly of cats too) soon.

KD x


BLCooney said...

VIVA Smoky!
I bet he's on that roof right now...if he can hold on in all this wind!

Rowan said...

A cat pyrmid? The tinkers.