Sunday, 30 January 2011

All the....small things....

This month at Knit and Destroy HQ it's been the small things that have been making me happy and making the day-to-day more enjoyable...

Having an order to work to. Big thank you to Hannah Zakari for keeping me busy making things through January. All this lot is now on sale in their lovely shop in Edinburgh.

Home made coconut flapjack, anyone who knows me will know that tea breaks are a very important part of any day for me. For those teas to be accompanied by deeelicious home made flapjack is heaven!
And when I'm not having a tea break, I'm knitting...these knitting machines are fairly noisy things, and I usually amuse myself with music or audio books while I work. These stylin' stereo headphones I got for x-mas drown out the metallic whooshings of the machines leaving me with pure Stephen Fry's voice reading The Deathly Hallows...heaven!!!
Things for 10p...yes that'r right not 25p or 50p...10p! I picked up this awesome knitting pattern from Save The Children in Chestrerfield, it has already assisted in unearthing an amazing 'my mum knitted me a white bikini when I was 14' story from the lovely cynthia who I used to work with at Help The Aged.
Hope you have some 'small things' too
KD x

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