Monday, 13 September 2010


I've been away from Knit and Destroy HQ these past 2 weeks on 2 very different but equally fulfilling adventures.
Part 1 was a trip to Shetland to attend a knitting conference. A lot of firsts in this one...first time...visiting Shetland...going to a conference...staying on my own for a week...and I was suitably apprehensive but the trip had many treats up its sleeve.
Bed and Breakfast decor in Edinburgh..on the way downstairs to my basement room, to brighten things up like!!!
Beautiful weather and a sweet view at lunchtime! There was also some beautiful countryside and loads of wildlife including seals saying hello from the sea. Not to mention all the knitting and talk of knitting...far too much for a blog...zine to follow.
Oh, and the Shetland film festival was on, which meant Jason Issacs was there and did a signing which meant Icould get my photo with him, SCORE...he totally took Lucius Malfoy to a whole 'nother level for me!!!
From Shetland to Sud-France, camping, beaches, pizza n ice-cream!

And this...amazing lady (the one sat up with black hair) knitting on the beach...

Now I'm back and ready to get my knit on for the winter. I leave you with this song by one of my fave bands...

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smellison said...

so much adventuring!!! and it's all kewl (y'know cos you're like adventurers) x