Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Knit vs Crochet

Eh up,
As you know, I knit, that's what I do, mostly machine knitting but some hand knitting too. I love knitting but I love alot of other craftz too. If you've ever read the awesome craft zine SugarPaper that I do with my super crafty pal Seleena you will know there are lots of other crafts i heart too!
One of those is crochet, in some ways i prefer crocheting to hand knitting. It's quicker and great for 3D shapes, one word...amigurumi!
Wanting more crochet info, I purchased an old crochet book from a charity shop today. It is a great find with loads of different techniques and ideas. This picture is my favourite bit in the whole book:

This DUDE is James Walters, the co-author of 'The Crochet Workbook', I love the multitude of colous in this one outfit, and of course, the fact it is 100% crocheted, amazing! If you want to find out more about Mr Walters and about freeform crochet, click the photo for his ace website!

From crochet...to knitting..I also wanted to show you another colourful bit of yarn-craft, the beginnings of my contribution to the 'knit a year' project being run my the UK based knitted Beth Barlow.

This project 'does what it says on the tin', it is a group of people who are all knitting for a year! The idea is to knit a few rows a day for 365 days, I started about 30 days ago and am enjoying it and more impressively, keeping up with it for now! This project is a great chance for me to practice different knitting techniques and an excuse to keep a diary which I haven't done for years! For now... back to the knitting machine.


that kate said...

That is one heck of an amazing outfit!! And 'Knit a year' sounds rather great! Wish i had known about it.

Knit and Destroy said...

I know, he sure knows how to work that crochet! Not too late for knit a year, you can start anytime if you want. x