Monday, 18 January 2010

Inspiro 09 - the ladies - part 1

Eh up,
I think I mentioned, some changes are going on here, and I was having a think about all the people who had inspired me to do Knit and Destroy in the first place, then those who had inspired me to move it forward. I was walking along and daydreaming about these great women who had inspired me, then I realised...2009 was a pretty inspirational year for me! I met 3 ladies who I had admired from afar for years,...first up was Angelique Houtkamp, tatooist and artiste extraordinaire.

I met the lovely Angelique in Admiral tattoo studio in Amsterdam. It was a spur of the moment trip, and a lucky tattoo appointment, she just happened to have a cancellation the weekend we wanted to go, hooray! She was really friendly and chatted to us before and after tattoo time, even reccomended a steak house we could go to for tea, but we are veggie so didn't take her up on that. I got a polaroid of me and her, she was excited cos it was polaroid, ace! Most importantly she gave us the most awesome tattoos which I will have on my wrist forever. You can check out her art at this website ....YEAH!!! She inspired me to make my work more a part of me, I love what I do, and want to keep it that way!

More about the ladies of 2009 coming soon. x x x

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Colouring Outside The Lines said...

This post just made my heart swell :)