Wednesday, 29 October 2014

National Knitting Week

Every year, there is a week dedicated to knitting, aptly named 'national knitting week', and every year (apart from one about 6 years ago) I miss it.

I always see things that happened in 'National knitting week' when it's over, which is a shame because I love knitting and encouraging others to knit. This made me think that for me, most weeks of the year centre around knitting, whether it's making (knitting) my own work or teaching knit design in my jobs. That said...what was I doing in national knitting week?!

I was mostly knitting this mask for my current exhibition at Prick Your Finger...

Along with this I made 2 other masks, all hand knitted. These were challenging and fun to make. I mostly machine knit and these took lots of shaping and a bit of calculating but I'm happy with the results AND..I was hand knitting in national knitting week! I also taught machine knitting, I think we were doing shaping and intentional laddering that week, and did some knit design tutorials with my awesome students.

I think the moral of the story is, it's nice to have a 'week' where knitting is recognised and celebrated but... EVERY week can be KNITTING week, just pick up your needles and get creating!



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