Saturday, 31 December 2011

Work, Wheels and Wool!

Hello there, what was that? Where have I been hiding all these months?!

Well, there has been work which has been greedily taking up my monday-friday,

One wall of my office there, with some ace 70s knitted fabrics we found when clearing out in the Summer, that place is full of old treasures!!!

Then roller derby, that's the wheels which I just can't get enough of....this is me jamming at the Sheffield Steel Rollergirls' Crucibelles bout against Rainy City's B team, tough but FUN!!!

....and of course in amongst that, whenever I get a chance, there is Knit and Destroy, which of course is the wool!!! On this front I have mostly been fulfilling customer orders, and this fella is always popular in the winter months...
That was possibly the briefest round up of 3 months in the history of ever!!! And that's all from me for now,

See you next year! KD x x x

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Tante blaa said...

Happy New year! Looking forward to follow your blog in 2012. :)