Sunday, 10 October 2010

National Wool Week!

Today marks the first day of the first National Wool Week...what is this?! I hear you cry...well, it's part of a new initiative launched in January of this year called The Campaign For Wool. It's all about raising awareness of the awesomeness of the fibre that is WOOL. More people need to think about what fibres they are using to make their goods or what the things they are buying off the rack are made of. By choosing wool rather than man-made fibres you help to care for the planet and support sheep farmers.

When I first read about National Wool Week it was supposed to be happening in line with London Fashion Week in September, I got excited about the idea of wool in fashion and promptly designed and made the below scarf...

It will be available to buy in my shop as of today, and of's made of wool!

If you want to get involved in national wool week there are events going on up and down the country this week, most extreme of all is the turfing of and introduction of sheep to saville row! Check out your local knitting club for events or organise something yourself.

The way I see it is...the sheep need their fleeces trimming when it gets warm, we need fabrics to wear, using wool is the solution!

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