Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Me and You and Everyone We Sew

This week I have mostly been working on bits for the new website which is due to go online next week, no more getting distracted by good weather and ice cream for me, I am knuckling down!
Another little project that both me and Seleena did was to 'Stitch ourselves'. This involved stitching a mini version of us. I chose knit (obvs) and Seleena stitched herself in felt. Here is me:

And to put my efforts to shame Seleena used her awesome hand sewing skillz and went all out on the detail, check out the shoelaces...

And the tattoos...

We have both sent our little stitched selves down to stitch London, and they are going to be exhibited at the Science Museum along with a whole load of other little stitched people!

In other news, I have been watching Miss Marple tonight, sure beats watching football or men who have already been playing tennis for 8 hours! I noticed the other week that the super sleuth is also a super stitcher but she has surpassed herself in this episode, I have seen Miss Marple with her knitting out about 10 times now, and she seems to be working on 3 different projects, what a whizz!

More soon



Emilia said...

i stitched myself too! What a lovely project to get involved in. it is so great to see what other people have done too. Yours are grand ones. I hope you didn't find it too hard to say goodbye. I always hate having to do that!
Emilia. x

Knit and Destroy said...

he hee, i just checked out your stitched self, so cute! I love the knitted jumper, skillz!
It wasn't too hard for me to say goodbye because I have another little knitted me for my own project, you will see her soon!x