Thursday, 10 January 2008

Happy new year!!

Hello 2008,
and have we got some exciting things coming your way.
Firstly, there's the free stuff, oh yes, you heard me, free stuff! That's 1 free knitted hair bow, voila..


with ANY purchase until the end of January..

Also, get your mitts on these custom design pencil scarves from Lazy Oaf...


..i just finished a batch yesterday,so thought i;d shout about them, I also just figured out how to out pictures in here!

There will be more of my knits at Lady Luck in the form of a valentines collection, more on that sooon.

And as the weather gets warmer new brooches, hairbands, bags etc will be coming your way.

But for now it's still freeeezing, for at least another few months so treat yourself to a scarf, go on, you'll get a hair bow (they suit girls and boys).
till next time

Kandy x

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