Monday, 22 July 2013

Look out we come!!!

It's SUMMER...that means festival season! I'm not a fan of your average 'giant field full of mud and portaloos' festival, but, a few years ago, I discovered a festival that I do like, Indietracks!

I first went with Seleena in 2010 when we took Sugar Paper to Indietracks and ran a 20 things to make and do workshop. We camped at the nearby campsite, checked out the railway museum, ate lots of super noodles, rode the free mini steam train...oh, and saw some ace bands!

We had a break in 2011, but went again last year (mostly because we wanted to see Go Sailor! who were amazing) when we ran a 'Postcards from Indietracks' workshop, and wimped out of camping due to flood warnings!!!

This year we're back, this time Seleena is running a Radical Cheerleading workshop on Saturday, and I'm doing a pom-pom pets one on the Sunday.


I love knitting(obviously), but I love all sorts of other crafts too. Making these pom-pom pets was fun, the tiger is my favourite.

So, if you're going to Indietracks you should come down, do some cheering and make some pets. Also, our pals Amy and Melanie are running a felting workshop which will be ace!
Kandy x

Monday, 8 July 2013

Hand Knit Pattern Book....OUT NOW!!!

My last blog brought the news that I have written a book, now it's here and you can buy it, hooray!

Turning the 20 products into hand knit patterns was really good fun. I also designed a few new products specifically for this book, a paintbrush tie and small bow brooch. 

Here's a selection of pages from the book, a sneak peek just for you, sorry its a bit small, you can see it bigger on my website...

If you like the look of that, you can buy it directly from my online shop and get an exclusive bonus pattern!

Kandy xxx